Thursday, 4 August 2016

Friday Night Culture Vulture

Last week, on Friday, I had one of those unexpected free evenings. I'm pretty terrible at not being busy, and especially at relaxing on my own. So I decided I'd take myself out.

I am pretty obsessed by the Dojo app (not sponsored!) I used it to find out that the famous Yayoi Kusama pumpkin exhibition was in it's final weeks, and I headed off in search of that perfect #pumpkinselfie.

Except, I didn't quite account for the ridiculousness of the internet and how popular this exhibition was. I turned up to be told they weren't going to be accepting any more entrants, the wait was 'at least 3 hours' and to turn up at 6am tomorrow for their 10am opening. Errrrrm. No thanks.

So I popped into the gallery next door, on a whim. And it turned out to be part of the first one- the Victoria Miro. One gallery, over the bottom two floors, was showing an exhibition by Bangladeshi Londoner Rana Begum, and the other, the top floor, was showing some Yayoi Kusama called 'Infinity Net Paintings'.

Now, according to the nice man on reception and the description of the exhibition, I was supposed to feel moved by the art. I thought it was really rather lovely, but I don't think I had an emotional reaction. I'm pretty open minded but some modern art is just a bit too modern, even for me. I did love the playfulness of the cage like cubes and the UV room, though.

Spread over three floors, what was pretty staggering is what an incredible space the Victoria Miro is. Beautiful staircases, windows framing gorgeous views on London, and, out the back, the most beautiful garden, housing the Yayoi Kusama piece. You know. The one with all the balls.

Right at the top of the gallery I looked at the infinity nets. I mainly used them as inspiration for cushions.

And, right, right at the end, in the far top corner, I did get a sneaky bit of pumpkin.

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