Monday, 21 September 2015


I went a bit quiet this year. In fact, I haven't blogged at all since February. Which is a bit crazy really. Life is a bit crazy like that. I could write an entire post about why I wasn't writing, or how my job took off and gave me lots of creativity, how I wasn't feeling very confident going out photographing or being in photos, or how I got a bit obsessed with pageviews and data and chasing the dream of this blog making it big. Or, I could tell you about how I've given myself a good shake and got back to writing about what I love, for myself! 

It's all been good. It's all been exciting. I have become one of those permanently busy people. London is as beautiful and chaotic as ever, and I'm seeing and getting to know more of it all the time.  And at the moment it's hitting Autumn. My favourite season of all.

Autumn is back to school for everyone in London. The Mums and Dads who took time off during the school holidays are back on the tube and it's packed. Businesses start planning for the year ahead. The printers pack up from printing budget spreadsheets and strategy presentations. This year, it's all intertwined with pumpkin spice lattes and decorated cups. It's a hive of activity..with the best reward. 

Home time in London in Autumn. Cosy pjs, big socks, closed curtains and the latest Netflix series. It's the city of twinkling lights. London in the summer is fabulous, if you can get outside. In flatshares and concrete streets with glass reflective buildings it's boiling. The latest trendy rooftop bar can't cope. But Autumn? The great British pub comes to life. The city bars dim the lights. And we revel in the fact that we are much less extreme in our weather than New York. put a controversial opinion out there..I'm delighted the monstrosity of the 24 hour tube has not started. It means we have a curfew. The late night shopping, the christmas parties, the after work drinks are all cut short. We have to go home. We have to catch 'the last tube'. We go back home to our flatshares..tiny hidden windows in higgildy-piggildy victorian buildings and shut the curtains. We bed down in in our overpriced rooms with our friends, loved ones, randomers and flatmates, and turn on Netflix. Get some lasagne in our winter trousers and basically never move.

London in Autumn is rainy, horrible, and sweaty on the tube. The tourists hate it. But for's a delicious combination of 'back to school' spirit and feeling less guilty for not 'doing more things' in favour of the sofa.
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