Saturday, 7 February 2015

Benefit Crescent Row Minis Perfume Set

For Christmas this year I was really lucky- and some of my presents were real surprises and not something I would buy for myself. This perfume set from Benefit (currently only available in full size) was one of them- and it's really lovely! The crescent row minis perfume set is based on different personalities all living on the same street- and each scent is distinctly different. It comes with lots of packaging..which is very cute but initially put me off in case it was one of those things that was more gimmick than product.

Over the last month when I've had these out and on my shelf, however, I take my initial reservation back. They are absolutely gorgeous. There are a couple of things that have made me fall in love with this set. Firstly, as the scents are so, so different, you really do feel like you're matching your perfume to the situation and your mood.

The black one, 'Your place or mine Gina', is, as the name suggests, sexy, musky and sweet, perfect for a night out. 'Ring my Bella', the purple, is very, very girly- it might not be to everyone's taste. It's sweet and floral, and reminds me of the perfumes I wore as a teenager. I actually like it for evoking that feeling of girliness. If you like the Britney Spears perfumes you'll like this.

'Under my spell Noelle' is woody and rich- it's very autumnal and one of the stronger ones. I haven't worn this one as much so far primarily because I prefer lighter more citrus-y/floral scents for work and I've been wearing the 'My place or yours Gina' for nights out. But it's probably the most sophisticated of the four and I'll be wearing it the next time I go out for dinner. 'Laugh with me Lee-Lee' is the lightest of the four and the one I've been wearing a lot during the day. It's fruity, refreshing and easy to wear. Because I work in central London, I don't like wearing anything strong because I feel like I spend my time dodging cigarette and food smells and cramped on the tube so this feels like refreshing relief instead of increasing the intensity? I don't know if that makes sense but that's why I feel I tend to lean towards these during the day.

I also love the tiny size of them. I can throw them in my handbag, take them in hand luggage, and put them in my make up bag, which is much more convenient for being on the go than full perfume bottles. The only thing is because they're so small they aren't spritz bottles- but that's ok. The best thing about them is that they're real perfume, so they're much stronger than you expect and last a very long time. They don't need topping up all day and I really like the way they wear.


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