Sunday, 4 January 2015

How to Look Forward to Monday Mornings

1. Get a good morning routine established. Before Christmas I had a big strop to my best friends and they helped me lock down something that works. I know exactly what time I will get up, (6.45am) and that I have time to do my make up, pack my breakfast and have a cup of coffee before my train.

2. Add a little treat to your Monday morning. A nice shower gel (I'm using Philosophy's Christmas cookie tomorrow), a smoothie recipe, a make up look you've been thinking about, an extra-nice outfit- add a little luxury.

3. Plan something for Monday evening. I try to leave work on time on Mondays and Fridays- even if that means I have to take the hit the middle of the week. It doesn't need to be expensive or leaving the house- for me, just a loose plan tomorrow to leave my pjs on the radiator and the next episode of Orphan Black makes me look forward to the whole day.

4. Do your grocery shopping at the weekend. There is nothing worse than coming home on Monday to an empty fridge. Doing it at the weekend means that you are set up for the week, and can cook on Monday, pack leftovers for lunch and get into a routine. I also sometime pick my favourite of the dinners for Monday night :)

5. Spend half an hour on Monday morning in the office having some organisation time. Get your ideas down on paper, nail down your plans for the week and write your to-do list. It means you don't have to start the week with a horrible meeting or a really difficult project, but with some headspace.

6. Do a quick tidy on Sunday evening. Who wants to wake up on Monday to a sink full of dishes?

7. Tidy your desk. Likewise, make your desk somewhere you enjoy arriving at- not a mess that stresses you out.

8. Don't get caught in the Sunday anxiety trap. I sometimes get so stressed about Monday morning that I ruin my Sunday- which is half of my weekend!! Try practising mindfulness, have a warm bath or do some meditation to relax- or write a list for Monday and then enjoy your Sunday night!! (Mindfulness is where it's AT, by the way. Get on it.)

What are your tips for not dreading Monday mornings?


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