Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015

As the clock struck midnight last night, the group of friends I was with asked me what I wanted for 2015. I wrote about it on facebook response was 'more of the same, and to give even less of a damn'. Which probably sounds a little bit harsher than I meant it.

2014 was undoubtedly the best year of my life so far...I completed all my resolutions and had a great deal of change. I also let go of a lot of the past, and most importantly, I had an absolute blast. Looking back over my blog gives just a tiny snippet of what I got up to. From an amazing holiday, to starting writing again, to a new job and a new home, I took note of what was making me happy and actively pursued it. I'm very proud of myself!

So onwards to 2015, and what I meant by what I said. I want to carry on with the mindset I had in 2014 that has lead me to where I am- happy, healthy and excited about the future. I want to carry on writing and having amazing experiences and 'more of the same'.

I want to worry less about the things that aren't important. I have anxiety, which means a huge amount of my time and energy is spent worrying about things that don't matter instead of the ones that do. Even writing this the devil on my shoulder is worrying about how it will be received. Sometimes the things that DO matter get lost in the noise of the things that don't. I took a lot of steps in 2014- Anxiety IS curable, and we do have the control to let go. So I want to carry on with that process and 'give even less of a damn'- not about my friends and loved ones, but about the absolute nonsense that my brain comes out with on a daily basis.


I don't like the resolutions that are like shopping lists- or the ones that are unachievable and just a chance for us to beat ourselves up about 'failing' at something. I used to make ridiculous resolutions and vow to be a totally different, reinvented person every January- only to end up in tears by the 5th because I was still little old me. So this years are more of a focus for the year.

1. I want to keep up this blog and work out a system to fit it in with my work life. It got a little neglected as work took over in the last few months, and that makes me sad. I'd like it to continue to grow, and to enjoy writing it regularly instead of getting upset about it.

2. I want to find balance. 2014 was an absolute blast, and exactly what I needed, but this year I want to find the balance and be slightly more sensible without being boring. I'm starting to save to buy a house, and that will mean sacrifices and adjustments to my lifestyle. Which is fine! It's just prioritising the future and wanderlust over Topshop and dinners out for now. And London is an absolute treasure chest of things to do for free or cheaply.

3. Give my body a bit of TLC. As mentioned in the above, the amazing year I had last year was perfect as I prioritised my mental health and having fun. This year, my body needs a bit of attention. I want to cook more, get outside more, and drink less. I needed to rediscover burgers and cocktails in 2014...but in 2015 I need to reduce their frequency and be a bit healthier!

And that's it really! It's all about continuing everything amazing from 2014, being very slightly more sensible and finding something sustainable, and continuing to write about it and grow this blog because I love writing it so much. Thanks to all my lovely readers in 2014!

What are your resolutions?


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