Sunday, 30 November 2014

Whitecross Street Market

On Friday I finally got finished a piece of work that has been frustrating me for months. As soon as I'd hit 'send' I was so relived and relaxed! It was Friday, so I decided to take a proper lunch break (last time was this post about Shoreditch) and go to Whitecross street market. To get there from my office you have to walk through a churchyard, which is full of the tamest squirrels of all time. It's lucky I didn't have any food on me, because when you stand still they have no issues standing on your feet!

It was my first time going to the market in a few years, and it was even better than I remembered. Market stalls sell a variety of yummy street food to tired city types winding down from the week. There's lots of vegetarian options, and lots of different types of food, from healthy salads, soups and 'buddha bowls', to the more indulgent Thai, Turkish 'pides' and burritos. Basically whatever you fancy, they've got it. 

I had a lovely wander up the market, trying to sneakily take photos of the stalls, the food, and the variety of people. Once I'd settled on my food, I wandered back through to have a look at the street art and the creative stall designs. 

By this time it was time for me to head back to the office and unpack my amazing lunch...and cheeky Friday present to myself.

 I got the best salad ever..seriously, this guy filled it so full that it weighed a tonne! It was basically a big greek inspired salad bar, and me being me, I ordered a bit of everything. My box had greek salad, beans, hummus, vine leaves, chilli potato salad, tomato pasta and marinated brocolli. I also got a juice. Me and beetroot are having a major moment, so it was beetroot, ginger, cucumber and apple.

I couldn't resist this ring!! It's just so beautiful. It's Labradorite, which is a relative of moonstone. I had a big chat with the woman who owns the stall, which really isn't like me- I'm normally kind of nervous about this sort of thing- and even asked her for her card so I could link through to her stuff. She doesn't normally put everything up on the website- it tends to sell before she can, but she was so nice and is at the market Monday-Friday. Well worth a look, I wanted everything! And I have tiny fingers and usually really struggle but it was fine!.



  1. This market looks so cool! And it's making me hungry. I wish there was something like this where I live, would be so awesome :) Thanks for sharing, lovin' it.

    1. It's one of my favourite things about London..there's things like this everywhere! You should drop everything and move here. You won't regret it. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. I love the street art and the gallery pick. I would have stopped by at the Frenchie as I am truly obsessed with their duck confit burgers.

    1. Are they good yeah? I've had the duck confit burger from Le Bun before and it was gorgeous...I'll try it next time on your recommendation! Thanks for your comment :)


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