Friday, 21 November 2014

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Once a year my family goes on a trip to Centre Parcs. I did my usual thing of having a last minute panic that despite a bulging wardrobe I had nothing to wear. New Look were being naughty and posting discount codes on their twitter...and even though I am nowhere near close to my house-buying goal and am supposed to be saving money, I accidentally fell in on the way home from work. Before I could understand what was happening (so therefore I absolve all responsibility), my debit card had fallen in the slot and I walked away with half the shop.

Damn you, New Look, for your proximity to work. I also believe River Island is sabotaging me at the moment because everything is so unbelievably beautiful and it's Christmas party season. Stupid London house prices and stupid shops.

I decided the only way I could rectify the situation was to rock the orange :) I have two styles I think...I dress one way when I feel confident about my body, and a totally different way when I don't. I think that's why I haven't done many outfit posts recently. I definitely go for bolder things when I feel body confident- does anyone else do that?

The details!

Skirt- New Look
Polo Neck- New Look
Necklace- New Look
Jumper- You guessed it...New Look
Boots and coat- Last year's Topshop



  1. The first part made me laugh, definitely like me when I go shopping! I'd never think to pair those 2 together but you look fab girl! The shirt looks flattering :) x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. It's so true!! I make these totally ridiculous justifications to myself on why I can buy things. Blogging makes it even worse....'Oh I am buying this for my blog, it's an investment'. Thanks :) x


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