Sunday, 30 November 2014

Whitecross Street Market

On Friday I finally got finished a piece of work that has been frustrating me for months. As soon as I'd hit 'send' I was so relived and relaxed! It was Friday, so I decided to take a proper lunch break (last time was this post about Shoreditch) and go to Whitecross street market. To get there from my office you have to walk through a churchyard, which is full of the tamest squirrels of all time. It's lucky I didn't have any food on me, because when you stand still they have no issues standing on your feet!

It was my first time going to the market in a few years, and it was even better than I remembered. Market stalls sell a variety of yummy street food to tired city types winding down from the week. There's lots of vegetarian options, and lots of different types of food, from healthy salads, soups and 'buddha bowls', to the more indulgent Thai, Turkish 'pides' and burritos. Basically whatever you fancy, they've got it. 

I had a lovely wander up the market, trying to sneakily take photos of the stalls, the food, and the variety of people. Once I'd settled on my food, I wandered back through to have a look at the street art and the creative stall designs. 

By this time it was time for me to head back to the office and unpack my amazing lunch...and cheeky Friday present to myself.

 I got the best salad ever..seriously, this guy filled it so full that it weighed a tonne! It was basically a big greek inspired salad bar, and me being me, I ordered a bit of everything. My box had greek salad, beans, hummus, vine leaves, chilli potato salad, tomato pasta and marinated brocolli. I also got a juice. Me and beetroot are having a major moment, so it was beetroot, ginger, cucumber and apple.

I couldn't resist this ring!! It's just so beautiful. It's Labradorite, which is a relative of moonstone. I had a big chat with the woman who owns the stall, which really isn't like me- I'm normally kind of nervous about this sort of thing- and even asked her for her card so I could link through to her stuff. She doesn't normally put everything up on the website- it tends to sell before she can, but she was so nice and is at the market Monday-Friday. Well worth a look, I wanted everything! And I have tiny fingers and usually really struggle but it was fine!.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Work Makeup Bag

Confession time. I am not one of those bloggers who gets up super early and spends time making myself look beautiful before I go to work. Usually, my morning routine involves launching myself into the shower, late, throwing some clothes on and falling asleep on the tube with my hair on my head. Fun fact: London is so disgustingly sweaty and grimy that unless I put my hair up on my head on the commute I have to wash it every day. I literally take 20 minutes from leaving my bed to the door, and have no intention of wasting precious sleep hours on makeup.

So unfortunately, my poor colleagues see my make up free face while I eat my breakfast and check my emails, and then I head to the toilets to do something about it. Which means I have a little make up bag in my handbag, and I today I thought I'd show you what's in it!

The Contents
My little metallic make up bag is from M&S, it was like a fiver and cheers me up whenever I see it.
Seventeen BB Cream in 'Light'- Has quite heavy coverage for a BB Cream, feels nice and fresh on my skin, and isn't clogging up my pores, which haven't recovered from the tube.
I have a concealer in my pen pot- it's the Collection Lasting Perfection one, and if I have any spots that'll come with me on the toilet trip.
Sleek contour pallette- I usually just pop a bit of the blush on with my fingers- it's 'Rose Gold'
Max Factor eye shadow in 35 Auburn Envy, again, fingers!
Collection Extreme felt tip liner in black- So easy to use, such a lovely line.
L'oreal Miss Manga mascara in black. I sometimes use Maybelline the Rocket, or both layered together if I have time- layered together I believe they're the best drugstore mascaras!
Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose
Malin & Goetz moisturiser

Do any of you do your make up at work? What are your staples?


Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas with Barry M

Oh, how I wish I didn't bite my nails. I can't decide whether to get acrylics or just have extremely beautiful toenails that nobody is going to see in the winter months. I think I will have to hit up my local nail salon and explain to them that yes, I do want them without any colour so I can come back and paint them all christmassy. Because I had to buy these even though I don't have any fingernails.

All of my non-nail biting friends assure me that Barry M is the best. I swoon over the pictures they send me of their beautiful nails and the amazing range of colours from their Barry M addictions. And I have to say, my toenails do last really well in Barry M and they glide on really easily. I'm going to order some of those nail wheels just so I can paint them.

I bought their two christmas polishes- the left is Christmas Tree, and it has multi-colour stars and moons in a green glitter, and the one on the right is Jingle Bells- gold flecks and snowflakes in a gold glitter with purple moons. They are both absolutely beautiful. The one in the middle is a Gelly polish in 439 Chilli-  I just thought the other two would look so lovely layered over that or navy- something like Essie's Midnight Cami.

That's it, I'm going to the nail salon. Happy Christmas to me!!


Friday, 21 November 2014

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Once a year my family goes on a trip to Centre Parcs. I did my usual thing of having a last minute panic that despite a bulging wardrobe I had nothing to wear. New Look were being naughty and posting discount codes on their twitter...and even though I am nowhere near close to my house-buying goal and am supposed to be saving money, I accidentally fell in on the way home from work. Before I could understand what was happening (so therefore I absolve all responsibility), my debit card had fallen in the slot and I walked away with half the shop.

Damn you, New Look, for your proximity to work. I also believe River Island is sabotaging me at the moment because everything is so unbelievably beautiful and it's Christmas party season. Stupid London house prices and stupid shops.

I decided the only way I could rectify the situation was to rock the orange :) I have two styles I think...I dress one way when I feel confident about my body, and a totally different way when I don't. I think that's why I haven't done many outfit posts recently. I definitely go for bolder things when I feel body confident- does anyone else do that?

The details!

Skirt- New Look
Polo Neck- New Look
Necklace- New Look
Jumper- You guessed it...New Look
Boots and coat- Last year's Topshop


Monday, 10 November 2014

Getting blown away by rural Ireland

A few weekends ago I took a break from the hustle and bustle of London and headed to the rugged, rural West coast of Ireland for blustery days and warm cosy nights in the pub enjoying the 'craic'.

After a 3am start, we flew into Dublin and had breakfast in the city.  We then rented a car and took the 3 hour journey across Ireland to County Mayo. Much as my companions had planned for a road trip, I spent the majority of the time asleep :) We stopped occasionally at more and more rural petrol stations, stocking up on Irish crisps (which beat British crisps by MILES) and stretching our legs walking to outside toilets.

We arrived late evening on the Friday to the cottage, after detouring to look at the scenery and the beaches. There is nothing quite as refreshing as proper sea air in the middle of nowhere after a London summer. The cottages were in the middle of nowhere, simple, seaside and warm havens from the elements. Dinner was Mammy's casserole- just what we all needed. I loved the details- from the lobster pots to the tin foil wrapped fire/heater fuelled by turf.

It was definitely pub time. Huge family groups shouting over each other, Guinness for the boys and cider for the girls, banter and pool. You know you're accepted into an Irish family when they take the mick out of you. It's when you're not wound up it's time to worry!

After the pub, being in Ireland means it's sing-song and sandwich time. There is nothing like an impromptu jam session at 3am. I was delighted. I love sandwiches, I love having a few too many ciders in the country, and I love live music.

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of sightseeing amazing cliffs for the wind to blow the cobwebs away, a lot more cider and sandwiches, and air so crisp and quiet that you had the best sleep of your life.

It was amazing! Just what the Doctor ordered. Coming back to London was a culture shock to re-adjust to the noise and the warmth! I'm very lucky to have the best of both world's in my life.


Monday, 3 November 2014

A Blogging Rut

Hello lovely readers.

I'm stuck in a bit of a blogging rut. When I first started blogging I had so many ideas that I have pages and pages of posts written down and half written in my drafts. I was doing so many things that the photos were flowing and I couldn't stop writing!

However, despite all these ideas, blogging just isn't getting me excited at the moment- and I've narrowed it down to a few reasons why:

1. I changed my blog design. I invested (granted, only a little bit) into a new blog design, and actually, I don't know if I like it and I don't know if it's working how I thought it would.

2. I changed my job. Now I leave the house at 7 and get back at 7. I love my new job but it's proving very difficult to get good photos in winter and I'm doing less things outside of work. I always said that I would never go somewhere just for the sake of my blog- same as how I feel about product reviews. This is a little window to my life, and it's definitely not staged. So now I work like normal people, most of my evenings are spent curling up under a blanket watching Netflix.

3. I learnt more about marketing. My new job is in digital marketing, so I've learnt a lot more about promoting blogs and growing social media followers- but this has made me feel overwhelmed and so I'm releasing less content. Because I actually know what I should be doing now, I'm scared! I keep thinking maybe I should make a calendar for content and social sharing...but instead I am just being an ostrich. Which is a standard 'me' thing to do. I'm such an overthinker.

It's all very annoying!! I actually get dressed every day and I have made some new purchases and things I want to share, but I keep looking at my blog and even though the numbers are going up I'm just not proud of it at the moment. I need to go back to basics and forget about everything else!

So, even though this is very rambly, what I basically wanted to say was thankyou for your patience and continued engagement, and I'll try and go back to keeping things simple and get my mojo back soon.

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