Thursday, 16 October 2014

Things I love Thursday

This picture of what I've done every time it's been a rainy Autumn day (pretty much everyday) - with the book I'm currently reading for my book club- The Rosie Project. It's funny and heartwarming and thoroughly recommended!

Taking the time to make proper breakfasts in the office in the morning. Current favourites include granola with blueberry yoghurt and the last of the season's nectarines, figgy porridge and overnight oats.

This reminder to be nice to yourself.

Celebrating this little chaps 1st birthday. He is the most awesome person I've ever met.

This designer/ blogger and her work that lead me to finally invest in my blog design.

This lovely blog and her inspiring photography.

Superdrug's pro make up brushes are actually surprisingly really good.

This creamy pasta bake that I made last night with a few adjustments. Because I wouldn't be me if I didn't play with recipes.

These shoes that I fell in love with while shopping in H&M and ordered last week- I can't wait for them to arrive!

- Getting massively back into Pinterest- You can follow me here.
- 8tracks. All day, every day at work. So many beautiful autumn playlists.
- Being way too excited about NEW BLOG LAYOUT GUYS!
- Pumpkin spice lattes. Because I am the biggest cliche middle-class white girl that ever lived.


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