Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Brunch

Sundays should be about laziness. I remember when I was younger- me, my dad and my sister would go out on a bike ride, come back wet and cold and muddy and sit in the warm listening to the top 40 while my mum cooked a roast dinner. Now, I spend Sundays having a lie in, eating a good brunch with friends and reading the papers while my flatmates watch the football. This week was my turn on brunch. I am not the best brunch chef in the house- I will share some Mexican creations from the others, but I definitely had a go.

I cheated and bought white chocolate and maple syrup pancakes, and added fruit and vanilla yoghurt for the sweet teeth. I did a plate of meat and a big bowl of hashbrowns with bread for the boys to make man sandwiches. Of course, there was juice and coffee.

Once the football was on, it was time for me to sit down with the sunday papers, my ipad and a notepad and get blog planning. Now I'm back in an office full time instead of working from home I'm going to have to step up the organisation of my blog and get the photos I need while the light is good.

I think Sundays are my favourite days of the week. And now the weather's drawing in, the blankets and roasts are coming out and it's all about the day of rest.

Annabel xxx

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