Friday, 10 October 2014

Coffee Table Books

I have an obsession with coffee table books. I love the look and feel of them and the way you can sit at someone's house and have a flick through something really visual. They're so unnecessary as well- and I love unnecessary things! This week I was bored on my lunch break and so I decided to go and have a look round Oliver Bonas- which is the high street king of coffee table books.

I've wanted these two for ages...and as it was payday I decided to treat myself!!

Eat London 2 is like a London tour guide for a foodie. It's not like a list of all of the good restaurants in London- which would be impossible- but it has a selection for each area, along with some really beautiful, interesting recipes from the restaurants themselves and some suggestions for how to plan a route for a foodie day out. For my local area it had a fair few I hadn't tried.

What's nice about the book is that it's not too overwhelming. London is a foodie haven and there is so much it's easy to get overwhelmed while googling. It's so dense as a city as well that you can really try anywhere- which makes it so much harder to choose!

The second book is called 'Eat Pretty'. I love the cover of this and I had it on my birthday list (it was in May) so I thought I would finally get it! Anyone who follows me on instagram or knows my general theories in life will know that I believe your body rewards you for treating it well. I know that sounds really new-agey but it's pretty simple. Of course I eat rubbish and drink too much and am sporadic at best with exercise- but I feel so much better if I eat my greens.

This book has loads of really lovely girly recipes incorporating super foods and talking about their health benefits. There isn't a rule in the UK about what can be called a superfood, so this chart is really helpful for sorting the scientific from the marketing. I love the idea of 'eating pretty'- I try to put effort into what I eat and making them look instagram friendly- which means that they are doing pretty things to my insides.

I can't wait to try some recipes for this blog and as a hobby- cooking is a big passion of mine :)

Annabel xxx

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