Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks

From left: 110, 107, and 101

You probably have all heard of the Kate Moss Matte lipsticks. Ever since Zoella (who is suddenly EVERYWHERE in the UK) popularised 107 in 2012, the beauty world has been hooked. I bought 107 back then, and it is my go to, deep berry for Autumn Winter.

The other day I was in Superdrug and decided to pick up two new colours. Originally there were 5 lipsticks in the range but these were the only ones I could find. I picked up 110, a bright, pillar box red, and 101, a beautiful powdery pink. 

The pink is so lovely, but actually my lips are pretty much already that colour where I'm so fair! I think it would look better on someone with darker colouring or layered over foundation to make the colour pop.

I love both of them and can't wait to add them in to my collection and wear them in the coming weeks.

Have you ever tried a matte lipstick? What do you think of the Kate Moss ones?


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Northcote Road Market

Last weekend, I was at a bit of a loose end on Sunday. There were engineering works on, and the idea of travelling didn't really appeal to me. So I decided to go out for some lunch and take a walk to Northcote Road market for a bit of a browse.


I started off getting some lunch and reading the papers for a bit in Whole Foods. They've just introduced a new salad bar system and I was dying to try it out. I dived right in, and got spanish tofu, cold salmon, broccoli, roasted aubergine and courgette, feta, olives and spicy hummus dip. I also have an inability to go to Whole Foods without getting a smoothie, so I got a vitamin-c packed pineapple, apple, carrot and ginger one. They'd decorated for Halloween and it was so cute!! My salad was amazing, but a little bit pricey because it's done by weight..I think they're meal deal options are probably better value. It was so yummy though I don't really mind.


After lunch I took a long walk along Northcote road, stopping to admire all the different stalls- food, flowers, clothes- it was a little market but so nice! I also walked a long way up to Northcote Road antiques market...and wandered around promptly falling in love with everything and working out if I could logistically get an Edwardian oak chest into a taxi and up the stairs into my flat. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything! 

I stopped at the flower stall on the way home for some tulips. I asked the man where the nearest cash point was, and he said "What are you talking about? We take card! Contactless!". I think I've seen it all now and will give up on cash altogether. 

Such a nice Sunday.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Things I love Thursday

This picture of what I've done every time it's been a rainy Autumn day (pretty much everyday) - with the book I'm currently reading for my book club- The Rosie Project. It's funny and heartwarming and thoroughly recommended!

Taking the time to make proper breakfasts in the office in the morning. Current favourites include granola with blueberry yoghurt and the last of the season's nectarines, figgy porridge and overnight oats.

This reminder to be nice to yourself.

Celebrating this little chaps 1st birthday. He is the most awesome person I've ever met.

This designer/ blogger and her work that lead me to finally invest in my blog design.

This lovely blog and her inspiring photography.

Superdrug's pro make up brushes are actually surprisingly really good.

This creamy pasta bake that I made last night with a few adjustments. Because I wouldn't be me if I didn't play with recipes.

These shoes that I fell in love with while shopping in H&M and ordered last week- I can't wait for them to arrive!

- Getting massively back into Pinterest- You can follow me here.
- 8tracks. All day, every day at work. So many beautiful autumn playlists.
- Being way too excited about NEW BLOG LAYOUT GUYS!
- Pumpkin spice lattes. Because I am the biggest cliche middle-class white girl that ever lived.


Friday, 10 October 2014

Coffee Table Books

I have an obsession with coffee table books. I love the look and feel of them and the way you can sit at someone's house and have a flick through something really visual. They're so unnecessary as well- and I love unnecessary things! This week I was bored on my lunch break and so I decided to go and have a look round Oliver Bonas- which is the high street king of coffee table books.

I've wanted these two for ages...and as it was payday I decided to treat myself!!

Eat London 2 is like a London tour guide for a foodie. It's not like a list of all of the good restaurants in London- which would be impossible- but it has a selection for each area, along with some really beautiful, interesting recipes from the restaurants themselves and some suggestions for how to plan a route for a foodie day out. For my local area it had a fair few I hadn't tried.

What's nice about the book is that it's not too overwhelming. London is a foodie haven and there is so much it's easy to get overwhelmed while googling. It's so dense as a city as well that you can really try anywhere- which makes it so much harder to choose!

The second book is called 'Eat Pretty'. I love the cover of this and I had it on my birthday list (it was in May) so I thought I would finally get it! Anyone who follows me on instagram or knows my general theories in life will know that I believe your body rewards you for treating it well. I know that sounds really new-agey but it's pretty simple. Of course I eat rubbish and drink too much and am sporadic at best with exercise- but I feel so much better if I eat my greens.

This book has loads of really lovely girly recipes incorporating super foods and talking about their health benefits. There isn't a rule in the UK about what can be called a superfood, so this chart is really helpful for sorting the scientific from the marketing. I love the idea of 'eating pretty'- I try to put effort into what I eat and making them look instagram friendly- which means that they are doing pretty things to my insides.

I can't wait to try some recipes for this blog and as a hobby- cooking is a big passion of mine :)

Annabel xxx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Skincare Routine

Today I thought I would share my skincare routine with you guys. I'm always fascinated by what other people do. To be honest, it's a really individual thing and now I am working in London every day I will see how my skin reacts to the sweat and pollution and adjust accordingly.

I have sensitive skin- I generally find that the gentler I am with it, the better the results. Lots of anti-acne products combined together dry out my skin and then the flakiness leads to more spots. I used to have medium acne from birth control- but generally if I keep my hormones and diet in check I have clear skin. I suppose most of my body is like that- if I look after it, it looks after me.

Morning Routine

I wash my face with the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash in the shower. I love, love, love this stuff. My best friend recommended it to me a year ago and now I never use anything else. I am thinking about doing a post on my full morning routine- hair/body/getting dressed etc if you'd be interested?

After the shower I apply some light day moisturiser. It has SPF 15, which combined with my BB cream that I wear everyday means I'm always wearing sunblock. It makes me think I'm doing something about anti aging! If my eyes are really tired I might use the Body Shop drops of youth eye roll on*, mainly because it's really cooling. In fact, I keep contemplating putting it in the fridge to wake me up in the morning.

Evening routine

I often take my make up off the second I get in the door, depending what I'm up to in the evening. London is so grimy and the tube so sweaty that there's nothing more satisfying that sweeping your hair into a top knot and cleansing your skin. I use Garnier Micellar cleansing water- it removes everything and is really gentle. I just use it on cotton pads and then let my skin breathe. I did a full review of it a while back.

I am trying to apply the Body Shop Vitamin E serum* before bed. It makes my skin so soft and restored in the morning. I'm just always so paranoid about moisturiser and greasy products after my year or so of acne in my early twenties. It never breaks me out so I need to get over it because it's a lovely, lovely product!

Every now and then

I do a face mask with the Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask. It's really good after a few big nights out for clearing all the gunk out your pores and brightening up your face. I also find my make up goes on a lot smoother after I've used this product.

Annabel xxx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Brunch

Sundays should be about laziness. I remember when I was younger- me, my dad and my sister would go out on a bike ride, come back wet and cold and muddy and sit in the warm listening to the top 40 while my mum cooked a roast dinner. Now, I spend Sundays having a lie in, eating a good brunch with friends and reading the papers while my flatmates watch the football. This week was my turn on brunch. I am not the best brunch chef in the house- I will share some Mexican creations from the others, but I definitely had a go.

I cheated and bought white chocolate and maple syrup pancakes, and added fruit and vanilla yoghurt for the sweet teeth. I did a plate of meat and a big bowl of hashbrowns with bread for the boys to make man sandwiches. Of course, there was juice and coffee.

Once the football was on, it was time for me to sit down with the sunday papers, my ipad and a notepad and get blog planning. Now I'm back in an office full time instead of working from home I'm going to have to step up the organisation of my blog and get the photos I need while the light is good.

I think Sundays are my favourite days of the week. And now the weather's drawing in, the blankets and roasts are coming out and it's all about the day of rest.

Annabel xxx
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