Sunday, 21 September 2014

WC Clapham- Drinks in a Toilet

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was important that I checked out the new bar- WC- that's opened on Clapham Common- it's a converted toilet. It was very hard to take photos with the light but we managed to get a few to show you what it's like. In a word- quirky. A great date spot.

The bar is down the bottom of some spiral stairs, lit by candlelight and through an old creaky wooden door. 

It's warm and cosy, with charcuterie hanging from the bar and very clever use of space. The old stalls have turned into booths for small groups, and the doors have been upended and used as tables. The old cisterns are still there, and in the toilet you can see love notes they found hidden behind the tiles during renovation. You can use those facts on your date. You're welcome. 

As you can see, getting pictures was difficult. It's really dark, so flash tended to white everything out whereas turning it off made things kinda blurry. Really need one of those fancy flash bouncing things. Or less wine.

Speaking of, the wine was lovely. I'm a big stickler for red wine, so many places serve it too cold. This was perfect- body temperature and lovely. I was stuffed from a trip earlier in the evening to Gastro- but the cheese and charcuterie boards did look yummy. The cocktails were also excellent. Mainly, I couldn't stop staring at the surroundings and trying to imagine myself in Victorian London pulling out my very own love letter from the tiles.

Annabel xx

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