Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Print Blazer

I love Primark. I think it is the perfect place to get statement pieces where you aren't really sure if you're brave enough to pull it off. Because you haven't spent that much money you can dip your toes in trends or wear trends that aren't likely to last very long without feeling it in your pocket.

I usually go to the Primark on Tottenham Court Road...which is ok, but tends to be very busy! The other day I had a day off and so I went with my friend to one of the holy grail Primarks. Super tidy, not so big you get stressed looking at it (bigger is not always better with Primark!) and had all the sizes because they hadn't been snapped up.

I saw this printed jacket and I HAD to have it.  It was £17.

I wore it with some H&M skinnies (by the way, are they getting smaller?! Why is a size bigger still tight??) rolled up, a black vest and a necklace from New Look which I can't find online. (Similar here). New Look have some incredible jewellery at the moment!

My lipstick is Rimmel Moisture Renew in Oxford Street Fuschia.

Annabel xxx


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