Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Power of Summer

The weekend before last, twitter was a-buzz (or a-tweet?) about Battersea Power Station. The formidable combination of Street Feast London and Everyman cinemas had combined, and it was the last weekend you could get up close and personal with the London landmark before it shuts down for it's extensive refurbishment into swanky apartments. Which, if you fancy drooling over how the other half lives is a pretty interesting gawp- swimming pool on the roof anyone? I wonder how much they will sell for? Definitely out of this Battersea girls' budget. I decided I couldn't miss it..not only did I have a massive craving for street food, but fear of missing out was getting the better of me. 

I was wearing a blue Asos swing dress and a cosy Topshop cardi- the combination of tummy hiding for munching and warm enough to brave the elements. I also haven't taken off my ring from Old Spitalfield's market since I got it.

It was annoyingly impossible to work out the cinema situation online, so we settled with working it out when we got there and bought two tickets for the Italian Job at 8.30pm. Which meant we had two and a half hours to eat and drink the rest of the area. 

The food was absolutely incredible. We had spicy wings from Randy's Wing Bar followed by burgers from Le Bun and fries from Dip & Flip. We had one duck confit burger and one boeuf bourguignon burger, both in brioche buns. The duck confit came with asian slaw and the beef had the most amazing reduction on it. I have seriously been dreaming about it ever since and will follow them around London.   

After food and a few beers and watching some giant jenga we were ready to snuggle up and watch a film under the stars...except despite paying £18 each, there were no blankets available. And it was freezing!! We eventually got some really good customer service and a refund on our tickets, because being right next to the Thames it would've been miserable without a blanket. It was a shame the tickets were so overpriced. So we bailed and headed home, but with very happy tummies and a renewed love for London street food.

I spent the next morning researching the history of Battersea Power you can't say I'm only interested in the food aspect (although that is a very big part of it).

Any London street food tips?

Annabel xxx


  1. Those burgers look so delicious!!! Seems like you had a great time!


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