Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Top 5 Apps for London Living

I've learnt more than a few home truths since I moved to London; don't even try and cross the river on a Sunday, the cost of a round of drinks will make you wince at the beginning, but you get used to it, and some really, really odd things come out of East London.

I am totally reliant on my phone. I use it for everything, from notetaking new ideas for posts, work and places to go, to searching for the quickest way to get home when you've walked a little bit too far away from the main drag and are now lost in somewhere downright WEIRD, to immersing myself in One Direction (guilty pleasure) for runs around the common or hiding from people on the tube.

I've got an android, and luckily, most of my favourite apps on iphone are also available on Google Play. Here are the apps I really recommend downloading and using if you're living or working in the Big Smoke.

1. Yplan This app is genius because it's so simple. It's all about spontenaeity in London- choose if you want to see what's going on today, tomorrow or later in the week and the app will come up with suggestions of random things that are going on. You can also buy tickets and join waiting lists for upcoming events instead of having to go through third party websites.

2. JustEat In my postcode, there are nearly 300 takeaways on this app that will deliver. I can get everything from the more traditional Chinese and pizza to sushi, French and Lebanese all with a few clicks of a button and my saved debit card. An absolute lifesaver for hangovers.

3. Evernote I'm not sure I could rave about this anymore. I have this on every device I own. I can take pictures out and about of posters I see advertising things going on locally, write blog ideas, save websites and buzzfeed articles to show to my friends and categorise and action work emails with the Outlook plugin. It's as easy as using the 'share' button on your phone and I would never be without it.

4. Hailo A taxi-calling app. You can save your card details and get a cab within a few minutes to your GPS location. Perfect for when you are wearing shoes too ridiculous to walk to the main road to get a black cab, and you don't have any cash. They'll even email you a copy of your receipt so if you need to expense it for work you can just print it out.

5. Voucher Cloud Absolutely no doubt about it, London is obscenely expensive. You're lucky to get change out of a fiver for a pint, cocktails will set you back £10-£15, and a room in a houseshare will make a £700-£800 sized hole in your bank balance. It is worth every penny, but it doesn't hurt to have a few vouchers for entertainment to lessen the blow. Voucher Cloud is brilliant, having vouchers for all the popular chains and an option to search 'near me'. I just had a quick look and there's £10 off the food bill at my local pub, 25% off my hairdressers and 25% off Zizzi takeaway. I didn't even know Zizzi did takeaway! It's better on weekdays than the weekends but always well worth a browse.

Now, I just need Boris to commission a TFL app and all will be right with the world.

Annabel xxx

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