Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September

Is it just me that loves Autumn? I think it's the best season. Now it's September the weather is starting to turn and I can't wait for crunchy leaves and conkers, cosy cardigans, getting my tights back out and warm coffee on the way to work. When I was little my mum and I used to make an Autumn basket, a wicker basket of leaves, pine cones spray painted gold and conkers that went on the fireplace to celebrate Autumn.

Autumn is a time of change...not only is nature shaking itself about, it's back to school time. I'm starting my new job on the 15th, and with it comes my new commute through London and creativity. To get back into the swing of things I've been doodling lots and reading more. Autumn makes you want to curl up under a blanket and read and draw. I sometimes put random bits and bobs of creativity on my instagram.

A/W fashion is hitting the shops and I'm getting the warm fuzzies thinking about it. I bought this lovely burgundy tunic and this necklace from Topshop yesterday, and will be wearing them with my fluffy cardigan and chelsea boots. My make up will go more wintery..deep berry lips and gold tones.

I've closed the windows and the curtains are getting drawn earlier. I also have taken to projecting a picture of a fire onto the tv while playing some jazz and crackling fire and rain noises because I'm not entirely sure our chimneys are open and I don't want to burn the house down.

The London summer events are drawing to a close..I've done SW4 and last weekend I went to The Power of Summer and a summer garden engagement party (where us bridesmaids sadly lost beer pong to the groomsmen...boooo!). This week, I've tried the new wine bar in Clapham in a converted public toilet, am going to head to Lambeth college for a massage and will be getting my boots on for some music in a pop-up colour tunnel on Clapham Common this weekend. Oh, and of course, lobster rolls in the Big Easy, cocktails in Bluebird, and a trip to the heritage centre to dig up some history. And that's just this week! My Sunday brunch and papers under the covers is calling :)

Happy September, everyone! What are your plans? All these pictures are from my tumblr.

Annabel xxx
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