Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Taste of Malaysia

Among the many, many things I love about London, the multi-culturalism, the random events and the street food are right up the top. I have never lived anywhere else that is such a melting pot of cultures. Trafalgar Square is known for celebrating London's different cultures and often has events on with street food and music to bring the crowds in. 

This Friday was the turn of Malaysia. I jumped on the tube from work and dived face first into the spring rolls and watched a spectacle of colours and sounds. They were handing out little red flowers- and you can see it wasn't just people in on the act!

The second you stepped of the tube at Charing Cross you could smell a waft of spicy deliciousness that made my tummy rumble. Around the outside of the square were lots of street food stalls selling Malaysian delights, from spicy rendang to pancakes, spring rolls and bubble tea. We started with the coconutty vegetable spring rolls- crispy, greasy, and totally justified for a tee-total Friday. While I was munching the spring rolls I got photographed by the lovely Debbie Bragg, who's amazing photos are on the Malaysia Kitchen facebook. Luckily mine didn't make the cut :)

In the centre of the square was a stage for performances of traditional Malaysian dancing and singing. It was actually really nice- one of the singers (the guy below) had an incredible voice, and the costumes and dances were really interesting.

After we'd eaten a bit more food (garlic chicken wings and satay skewers...mmm), we had a wander around the art market and pop up shops before heading home. I've already looked up that the next Trafalgar Square is Diwali...and I'm definitely going!

Annabel xxx



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