Sunday, 31 August 2014

Travel Photographer of the Year

The other day when I was bored after work, I decided to go and check out the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition. My dad is a great photographer, and so I've grown up with an appreciation of a good photo, and since really getting into blogging and buying my first DSLR I've got pretty into it too. I also love travelling. As well as photography I inherited a wanderlust and incessant curiousity from my Dad, and read travel blogs and plan trips I can't afford to go on all the time. So I missioned it up to South Kensington and had a wander round. 

Overall, I was pretty disappointed by the exhibition. I love going round galleries and exhibitions so I was quite relaxed and happy, but I really felt it was a shame the way it had been done. The event organiser had clearly made the best of it with the suitcases and signs and tried to make it as good as possible, but the prints of the photos really let it down. The photographs on the website and the winners of the competition are absolutely stunning, and deserved better than the quality of print they got. The exhibition was free, but if the photos were blown up onto canvas with rich colours for a visual experience I would gladly have paid to see it. The prints were small and didn't make a visual impact in the space at all.

The exhibition got a huge amount of press coverage encouraging people to go but I just wish they'd done more with it to do justice to the incredible photographers. It was a nice whistlestop on the way home from work but I wouldn't write home about it. National Geographic, if you're listening, please sort it out!

I did buy a postcard and put it on the fridge. So I'm doing my bit.

Annabel xxx

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