Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Body Shop Press Event

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Body Shop Press Event. It was an opportunity to see some of the Body Shop's new range and get a goody bag of their new products to try. It was my first press event..and although I couldn't stay for long because of work I had a lovely time.

In my goody bag I received some of their new Argan Oil range which launches in store this week- the bubble bath, a dry skin balm and a moisturising oil. I've only tried the oil so far but it's lovely, it's a fine moisturising mist which absorbs easily and smells lovely.

I also received their vitamin e serum in oil, which I absolutely love- I've been using it every night after I take my make up off and it's really good. I used to use their overnight cream but I found it was a bit heavy for my skin and making me break out. I was so nervous about using an oil..usually I hear oil and think spots! But it's really nice, the dropper makes it easy to apply just a little bit and it doesn't make my skin greasy the next day.

I haven't tried the instablur yet but I have been trying the eye roll on. It's got extracts from the edelweiss plant which makes me sing the Sound of Music virtually every day but I've been using it because I decided it's time I actually have a skincare routine. Maybe I'll make a post about my new routine? It's ok. It's nice and cooling and makes me think I'm doing something about not getting wrinkles..but the applicator is kind of generous with product which makes it messy and I don't enjoy using it. I might investigate one of the Garnier eye roll ons instead. I like the idea of something light and easy in the morning but I'm not sold on this product.

I'll let you know as I try the others if any of them are really amazing or really rubbish...I always like knowing what's worth hunting out and what to definitely avoid. Speaking of, I've naughtily been making a few purchases recently so there will be an August favourites post!

Hope you all had lovely weekends!

Annabel xxx

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