Thursday, 21 August 2014

Southbank Festival of Love

This weekend the London rail network let me down. My intention was to go to Portobello road or Brick Lane and have a hunt through all the tat. However, when I got to the station the planned engineering works that are standard on a Sunday meant I couldn't really get there without a million changes and buses over an hour. So I decided to jump on the train to Waterloo and have a bit of a wander through Southwark and Blackfriars which were both absolutely empty...and then over the river to Southbank for their festival of Love. The Southbank centre always have different events and festivals on and it's always well worth a look at what's going on. The majority of it is free or just a small donation. 

The weather was reallly annoying! It was that transition weather where it started off freezing and raining and ended up windy and sunny. I was lucky I brought layers as it was chilly every time the sun went in. I wore my bargain £3 Primark skirt, which is a pleather copy of a £95 Topshop suede one, a plain black tee and a Primark fluffy cardi. It's lovely but it is shedding everywhere and I keep thinking it's a spider. I'm a bit afraid to wash it but I think I'm going to have to! My chunky boots and heart necklace are both Topshop from last winter that I dug back out again. 

The festival was based on the different words the Greeks have for love- from shared experiences to romantic love, they have different words for the way you feel about your friends, colleagues, family and partners. Which is quite handy actually. I might start telling my friends over whatsapp that I 'Philia' them (friendship love). But they would probably laugh at me and make a joke about how their 'Eros' (Erotic love) is unrequited. On a totally different note, I also had a pulled pork taco from Wahaca's street kitchen. 

I sat on the top deck of the Snog bus, people watching, with coconut frozen yoghurt with blackberries and raspberries. It was absolutely lovely, until I banged my head on the way back down. I'm 5'8.5'' in flats, so I was about 6'-6'1'' that day and I nearly knocked myself out. Tall people be careful!

After spending a while trying to capture the skateboarders I headed home, feeling a bit mushy from all the love stuff, and got into my pjs and ate Mcdonalds. I wonder if the ancient Greeks had a word for the love that you feel for your big mac while wearing slippers and watching Netflix? They should have one. I'll make one. I call it Macus, the total contentedness and unconditional love for your surroundings when you are being a massive slob.

Annabel xxx


  1. I love how there's always something going on in London, I've been past this but yet to venture in, might have to now. Lovely blog :) xxx

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    1. I know! It's crazy. I'm from Reading originally and the amount of different things you can do in London for hardly any money or you just come across wandering around is insane. It's worth a look if you go past!

      Thanks! :) xx


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