Friday, 29 August 2014

Old Spitalfields Market

Bank Holiday Monday in London was horrible. It was absolutely pouring down and having recovered from SW4 I was desperate to get out of the house and do something. I decided to check out Old Spitalfields Market. I'd never been before, it was indoors and I saw that they had a dog pageant on which sounded funny. 

To escape from the misty, rainy outside I went to Las Iguanas for a Burrito and some deconstructed patatas bravas. The burrito was good..nice and fresh...but as Burritos are my favourite thing and I've tried a million of them it didn't quite make my 'amazing' list. I'd give it a 7/10. I should really make a London burrito hitlist post. The patatas bravas were reallly good. 

The dog show (or should I say 'Paw Pageant') was very amusing. I sat and dog-watched because it was so packed I didn't have a chance of getting near the stage. I'm not really a dog person but I have to confess I did really enjoy it and it was a nice owners were really laid back and the kids around were loving it!

After the show I stopped at La Patisserie Valerie for Earl Grey with flowers. So yummy and soothing on my still hungover stomach. I bought an amber ring at the market which is beautiful. I keep telling myself it has the beginning of Jurassic Park in it!

I wore a rainy day outfit..Topshop jeans, a Primark stripy tshirt, bag, collar and trench coat and Next wedge trainers. It flooded between the station and the market so I'm glad I wore proper shoes! I had major hair strops where my fringe is growing out and it was raining.

How did you spend your bank holiday? I hope the rain didn't ruin too much of your fun. Does anyone have any recommendations for bad weather activities for the colder London months to come?

Annabel xx


  1. Tortilla makes good burritos!!!

    1. Tortilla are definitely up there for one of my favourites!

  2. And once you're near Old Street we'll get burritos from Whitecross


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