Monday, 14 July 2014

Hey Honey Bun!

The other day I took a wander into TK Maxx. I mentioned it in a recent post and ever since I've looked pretty much every time I've walked past. And considering it's about 5 minutes walk from my house, is quite often! This time, I picked up a Philosophy 3in1 shower gel, and just because it had a damaged box, I paid £6.99!

I fell in love with Philosophy shower gels when I bought the Peppermint stick one as a Christmas present to myself with my Boots points. I used it everyday and it lasted until the end of March. I wandered into Debenhams, where they stock all the new Philosophy products, which usually retail for £14.50.

This one smells literally exactly like buns from the bakery. Super sweet, and leaves your skin smelling like golden syrup. I'm obsessed with it. It just borders too sickly, but leaves your skin so soft and smells so yummy. I've always loved things that smell like pudding.

TK Maxx beauty section is fantastic. Go and have a look!


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