Monday, 21 July 2014

Gordon's Wine Bar

Last week I escaped the office and headed to Embankment to finally try a London institution- Gordon's Wine Bar with my friend Grace..who is one of those people who always know the places to go! Gordon's is the oldest wine bar in London, established in 1890, and it feels exactly like stepping back in time.

Photo Credit: Gordon's Wine Bar Website

You enter the bar down some rickety steps (don't take a suitcase, a heavy work bag or heels you can't walk in) and you are basically in an underground cavern/basement/cave thing. The closest thing I can liken it to is actually a cave. The ceilings are so low you have to duck, and it's atmospheric and exciting.

Despite loitering around looking hopefully at other weekday drinkers, we couldn't get a table inside, so we headed outside and found some chairs next to a barrel table. All good fun. We swiped a sticky menu on the way past and went for some Pinot Grigio. Gordon's doesn't serve beer or fact, they even have a sign behind the bar saying so!

We ordered a cheese platter, for an absolutely barginous £12..which came with a whole french baguette, unlimited cornichons, silverskin onions and chutney. We opted for Camembert, Smoked Cheddar and Stilton..but they have lots of choices if you're feeling adventurous. I heard the person in the queue behind me ask about pregnant women, which they gladly catered for. Impressive. They also have some yummy looking hot food- proper pub grub- scotch eggs, pork pies and BBQs on summer weekends.

Please note- due to the impossibly low level lighting and difficulty cramming myself into corners to photograph, not all photos are my own. You can see more on the Gordon's website.

Obligitory selfie in the work lift of what I was wearing! Dress is ASOS.

I'm now on the hunt for more quirky bars in London. Grace recently took me to the COLD Gin Distillery which was also great. Any recommendations?


  1. Oh my it looks amazing. I'm definitely going to drag Tom there. He doesn't eat cheese so more camembert for me!!

    1. Though I hope he doesn't think I'm trading wine for cheese!!

    2. Tom doesn't eat cheese AT ALL???

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