Thursday, 10 July 2014

100 Coloriages Anti-Stress

There's a new craze sweeping the blogging world, and it's not just for kids. A lot of high profile bloggers have come forward and spoken about their struggles with depression, anxiety and stress. 100 Coloriages Anti-Stress is a French colouring book, that's not for kids.

It's the most relaxing, addictive thing of all time. The designs are so intricate and beautiful, you really have to concentrate to do it. The one pictured above took three days. Because it's so detailed and you have to concentrate it really relaxes you. The French claim you have to use both sides of your brain to do it which is why it's so effective. It also gives you something to do with your hands while you watch less boredom eating!

It's available on Amazon, I got the pens from Paperchase, and they have loads of different designs.

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  1. gosh, yes I can image that would make you concentrate. Great idea.


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