Friday, 13 June 2014

World Cup Nachos

What did the Mexican say to the man who stole his cheese?

That's NACHO cheese!

Haha. Now that's out the way, I realised it was very important that I shared with you my flatmates World Cup Nachos recipe. Omygoodness. I got him to take photos the whole way through for the good of us all.

First off, make some chilli. You can use your favourite recipe. This is made using one of the jars and following the instructions! He used about 500g lean steak mince, a tin of kidney beans and half an onion.

Chop some peppers and onions in OCD fashion. He's used about three quarters of each of the pepper colours, but use whatever you fancy.

Now it's time for layering, which is where the genius comes in.

Add a good layer of chilli to your first layer of tortilla chips. Don't add too much though as you need enough for another layer!

Then add some of your pepper and onion mix and a sprinkle of cheese.

Add another layer of tortilla chips and chilli. This looks like a stadium.

Add some more pepper mix and a very generous helping of cheese. Bake until the cheese has turned melty and golden brown and the tortilla chips have darkened and crisped up.

Inhale, with football, beer, and friends.


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