Thursday, 12 June 2014

What I Wear...Working From Home

Top- Monki, Necklace, ASOS, Leggings, Topshop, Socks, Primark

Dress and Necklace- Topshop

Dungarees- Primark

I work from home a lot, and I thought I would share with you some of my more recent outfits. It can be very easy to get in the mentality of wearing pyjamas, but I try really hard to get up and still get dressed. Not only does it make you feel much better, but you are more likely to want to go out when you've finished work if you're already dressed.

One of the main things I tend to do is not wear jeans. Working from home can mean long hours sat on the sofa or a table, and you move around a lot less than you would in an office. I wear a lot of leggings and dresses. I also try and keep my hair out of my face, either in a messy top knot, a plaited fringe or a side braid as I have with the dungaree outfit. I have a creative job and I like to be focused on what I'm doing rather than getting annoyed by my hair in my face!

What's a typical day like?

A typical working from home day starts at 8.30 when my alarm goes off. I get up and dressed, make some breakfast (usually porridge, but sometimes yoghurt and fruit or cereal) and a pot of coffee and sit down to fire up my laptop. I read emails and categorise actions while I eat my breakfast and drink lots of coffee. I'm a morning person once I'm actually awake, so I get stuck into the worst jobs of the day in the morning.

I break for lunch around 12.30 and try and shut the laptop lid. It's usually soup and a wrap. I'm addicted to hummus at the moment, and mozzerella and spinach often feature! I'll put the telly on for some background noise, and after I've eaten I spend about half an hour to an hour reading blog posts, catching up on twitter and drafting a few blogs of my own.

I usually spend the afternoon doing the parts of my job I enjoy more. This is usually presentation decks, graphics or newsletters. I try and do something creative! I finish up somewhere around 5.30pm. It varies a lot- if I have something big I'm working on I'll work through till 7 and go back after dinner...if I'm not overloaded I'll finish up at 5 and be done for the day. I travel occasionally, so if that's the case I try and finish at 4.30 to counteract the early starts.

Do any of you work from home? What do you wear to stay comfy and cute?

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