Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Holy Grail Beauty Products

Everyone has holy grail products. The ones you always grab first, the ones you always repurchase, and the ones you don't abandon to the bottom of a grubby makeup bag. Today I thought I'd share mine!

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash- I absolutely swear by this product. One of my best friends recommended it to me after I was complaining about breaking out, and I've never looked back. I use this in the shower once a day, and it is gentle on my sensitive skin but also powerful enough to clear up spots and blemishes. Oh, and it's a fiver. A FIVER. I know.

2. No.7 Skin Illuminator- This is the sample size, but a teeny tiny bit of this product makes me look more awake and put together than a whole host of expensive primers. I wear it under my foundation and will sometimes even wear just this and a tiny bit of concealer and still feel very put together.

3. L'Occitane Hand Cream- Without doubt, the best handcream I've ever owned. Non-sticky, doesn't give you that gross feeling you normally get with handcream, very moisturising, handbag friendly and not too pricey considering how long it lasts. I always buy the 8ml and it lasts ages.

4. Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes. A lot of people swear by the Simple ones but I find them a little bit greasy and like they leave a residue on my skin. These are perfect- gentle and effective and even take off the stubborn 'They're Real' mascara.

5. Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant- A bit weird maybe to mention a deodorant on a blog, but it's important for the good of womenkind and grey tshirts in summer. This is my favourite. It does still leave white marks, and I've genuinely never found a deodorant that doesn't- but they're very minimal and nothing that a quick wipe won't remove. It keeps me feeling fresh all day and smells good.

6. Real Techniques Make Up Brushes- These are a hugely worthwhile investment. They're not as pricey as MAC brushes, but great quality. They make such a huge difference to how your make up goes on. Sneaky tip- I spotted them in TK Maxx today!! (Don't you hate it when that happens, I paid full price)

Other things I love and always buy:

What are your holy grail products? I've built up a few Boots points so I'd love to hear some recommendations!



  1. I agree - deodorant is important for the good of womankind. I love your holy grail products! I'm a huge fan of tea tree oil for spots, but I think I might have to try the cleanser as a more preventative measure. Also, Lush Bath Bombs. FOREVER.

    1. Ha and probably the good of mankind for what they would have to suffer if we didn't wear it! The cleanser is amazing, I've heard good things about tea tree oil on spots as well. I only use it in the shower- I have super sensitive skin so I try not to wash my face too often. I just moved, and I realised writing this post I have bath bombs left from christmas in my parent's house- am going to go pick those bad boys up soon! x

  2. This has inspired me to actually begin a facial skincare routine! For years and years I've exfoliated and moisturised my body but always neglected my face...not anymore! I hit Boots up today :)

    1. I barely do anything...just wash it and face wipe and every now and then freak that I'm getting old and start moisturising. Which reminds me I need to get on it. Definitely can't pretend to be perfect on this one!


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