Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Goofiness clearly runs in the family..

This year, my Dad, rather inconsiderately, is away for Father's day. For those of you with Dad's who will be in the country, it's a day for a pub lunch, a few beverages with your old man, and a bit of appreciation for the advice, bailing out, and taxi service that your Dad has provided for you over the years.

Most of the Father's Day gift guides I keep finding are for presents from little kids to their Dads. I'm not entirely sure my Dad, who has a 25 and a 21 year old, would really appreciate our hand prints on a canvas or an apron saying 'Daddy Rules the BBQ'. Much as my Dad is a superhero, we're all a bit sophisticated (read: old) for that.

So I created my own! 

1. 3 Month Supply of Friday Night Curry - For the Foodie Dad, the kit arrives with recipes and spices measured out to make a variety of spicy man food.
2. Moleskine Notebook- The legendary notebooks are an absolute joy to write in. And they've just brought out a smart one that works with your Evernote. I've got serious stationery lust. 
3. Pyjamas- Let your Dad have some well earned time off and chill in these cosy pyjamas. John Lewis' collection is pretty good this year!
4. Data is Beautiful Book- For the serious geek Dad..this is packed full of beautiful charts.
5. Wooden Tray- For dumping keys, cufflinks, watches, and all those other things men seem to drop around like we do with hair grips. Personalised. My Dad's name is Mark, FYI :)
6. Personalised Wine Bottle- Get him one with his name on so he feels like King of the castle.

What are you doing to celebrate your Daddio this Father's Day?

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