Friday, 23 May 2014

London Lates- Nearly-Naked in a Museum

There's something funky going on in London's museums. The Queen doesn't look too impressed. (Sorry, Ma'am)

Grace and I headed to the Museum of London for Digital City, an event looking at the ways in which technology increasingly influences the lives of Londoners.

Inside the museum was a collection of exhibits, including a fascinating look at the life of a Boris bike. We wandered, prosecco in hands, watching some great comedy by Shoot from the Hip and creating our own 8-bit versions of London landmarks. While we mapped our journeys into the museum, we decided to pass on the life drawing and admired the model's bravery at being projected from every (!) angle.

It was a great way to spend a weekday evening and get access to somewhere working hours normally prohibits!

London Lates is doing a whole host of evening events across the museums, which I recommend a visit to if you want to do something different.

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