Thursday, 29 May 2014

Gastro Clapham

I think I've accidentally stumbled across a perfect sunshine spot in Clapham.

After a stressful few weeks, I just wanted to head out for a while, for a bit of a walk and a bit of a beverage. We came across a little French place called Gastro..and it was just what the doctor ordered!

I was absolutely not dressed for the occasion, wearing Topshop jeans, an Oasis crochet tshirt, Topshop cardi (old) and my trusty Prada sunnies. Oh, and no make up...#nomakeupnonselfie.

Gastro is properly French. Like, French people outside, all the waiters were French, and I found a cheeky copy of Londre Ici, the magazine for French people living in London. I can barely speak a word of French, but I could read enough to attempt some translation to my date :)

With the sun and the wine sorted, we dived into starter. We ordered the sharing platter, which was incredible. Huge, meaty iced prawns, fois gras, smoked salmon and parma ham, piled high with bread, chicory and creme fraiche with chives for creating epic parcels.

Main course was veal escalope in a mushroom sauce with potato dauphinoise for me, duck breast in cherry sauce with cabbage for him, and a shared side of garlicky, buttery spinach.

The mains were good...but I couldn't help but feel a bit let down after the epic starter. While the duck, spinach and potatoes were beautiful (it's a sign of a good date if he lets you eat some of their food in the name of science), the veal was cold..and however good they were they still didn't do the starter justice.

Still, it didn't stop us from retreating inside the restaurant when the sun went in for petites fours and the remainder of the wine..

Dinky espresso cups joined my first ever (!) macaroon, creme brulée and chocolate brownie. The macaroon was amazing, and the coffee velvety and smooth. I then decided to go exploring the restaurant- mainly to look fascinated at lobsters and smile at very French signs.

I will definitely go back..I think next time I'll go for one of the sharing platters, skip the main and let the wine flow. Their cheese also looked amazing so I'm already planning my next fact this post has made me hungry!

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