Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Favourite Things

1. Planning and shopping for my new room. I'm going 'flea market chic' with lots of random arty pieces to add interest to the big, airy space.

2. Planning my trip to Spain at the end of June. We've hired a convertible and are driving around Andalucia, stopping at places booked through airbnb. I'm loving using the Tripomatic app and website to build our itinerary.

3. These amazing spray painted slate wall pieces made for me by a special someone to celebrate the house move and my birthday.

4. Cooking. I'm trying to cut down on carbs, and that has resulted in some crazy creations. Cooking competes with writing for my favourite hobby, and me and George (the Foreman) make a mean brunch. My next adventure (tonight) is garlic spinach and butterbean burgers with banana sushi.

5. Blogging! Getting back into it, discovering new ones, planning posts. I'm loving it. For those of you wondering, my photos are taken with either an iphone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or occasionally a Samsung DV150F. I edit virtually all of them, with Afterlight, VSCOcam or Picmonkey.

Things I'm Also Loving:

6. Ebay Collections...Bloggers sorting through the junk for me? Yes please!
7. Watching tv series. Never was a big one for the telly box. Now, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine..you name it, I'm addicted to it.
8. Hoarding inspirational photos on pinterest and twibfy
9. Exploring my beautiful home city of London (eek!) and doing a lot of random things. Next up is a cinema on a roof. 
10. 'Fake shopping'. Coined by me and my besties while skint at uni, this is the practise of letting yourself add everything you ever want to your online shopping basket, sleeping on it, and then emptying it the next morning instead of checking out. Should be really frustrating, actually really satisfying.

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