Tuesday, 27 May 2014

10 Ways to Define a Best Friend Forever

This weekend I went away with the girls. And not any ordinary girls. These are my non-sexual life partners. Meet the Barrys. As a side note, go and see McBusted. They were amazing.

  1. They tell it like it is. These are the friends who will tell you that yes, your bum does look big in that dress. And yes, you are being a bit of an idiot with that boy you met. And no, it isn't acceptable to not wash your armpits after a night out. They tell the truth, and you love them for it.

  2. Whatsapp Messages. Me and these girls message all day, every day. They are the first people I tell if I've fallen out with my boss, we send each other 'Outfits of the Day', and sometimes, when you can't sleep for worrying or your baby won't settle (yes, one of us is a Mum!) or you have massive PMT and don't know why you're being irrational, you have this little thread of sanity. If your shared media collection is about 500 photos deep (guilty!) then you know they are integral to your life.

  3. Shared Wardrobes. What's hers is yours and vice-versa. Anything that doesn't work in someone's wardrobe does the rounds before being sent to charity shops/younger sisters/ebay. 

  4. Comfortable Silence. When we first met in Brighton, we couldn't stop talking. For hours. I still have a sore throat. But when you're hanging after McBusted (true story) then you are quite comfortable slobbing about in silence. After all, they are comfy and know how you take your tea.

  5. Protectiveness. Try and chat a Barry up and you might just get a 4 panel interview. These girls will protect you from creepers, unplug the drain or catch a spider for you.

  6. Ridiculous Conversations. From hypothetical situations to FAR too much information about her sex life/toilet habits/hungover face, you've been there, seen that. 

  7. Inside Jokes. You can't remember the last time you called her by her real name, because you have so many nicknames, you have whole albums full of songs that have memories for you, and nobody else quite knows what on earth you're talking about most of the time. It's like girl code.

  8. Idiosyncrasies. One of you uses an excessive amount of plates at Nandos. The other one will strop with too many bags. The third will only drink 7up, never Sprite, and one won't wear wristbands and freaks at mouldy bread. You know each others weird little quirks, and you love them all for it. 

  9. Shared Discounts. One's a student, one works in retail, and the other (YES, it's me, alright), finally splashed out on an asos premier account. Discount from someone wherever you go! Sharing is caring. 

  10. Future Dreams. You have plans to all have a beach hut and share a retirement home together when you're old.  


  1. Love this whole list, but my favorite was your term "non-sexual life partners". Such a great way to put it.

    1. Haha thankyou! I'm glad you liked the post. Congratulations on graduating, by the way! x


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